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Hot Chocolate Sessions

CLIENT The Resistance Choir BRIEF Logo Design + Promotional YouTube Video for The Hot Chocolate […]

09 January on Recent News

Planning Report for Port-au-Prince

    CLIENT: ONU Habitat BRIEF: Design Projects in Haiti Vil Nou Vle A was the title […]

09 January on Recent News

May Day! May Day! The Hot Chocolate Sessions

The Hot Chocolate Sessions aims to take the dogma out of politics, to blend it […]

16 May on Recent News

Herbel Crest Soft Drinks

Herbel Crest is the obsession of one man who dream is to produce, bottle and market […]

03 February on Recent News

Colleen Cleary Solicitors launch their new website

Colleen Cleary Solicitors are a small boutique style solicitors who wanted a corporate identity that […]

03 February on Recent News

Songs of Joyce CD to be sale on Bloomsday

Darina Gallagher and Sinead Murphy have performed in the USA, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and […]

23 May on Recent News

Jumbo wants to be a Hippo being previewed on flipsnack

Lionel Gallagher’s new childrens book ‘Jumbo wants to be a Hippo’, illustrated by Marina Wild […]

23 May on Recent News

Counties of Ireland Jewellery business card will test your knowledge of Ireland’s counties

As part of the branding for Counties of Ireland Jewellery, we added Ireland’s thirty two […]

23 May on Recent News